A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education


pdf-downThis curriculum package is designed for those who believe children can know God and for those who want to lead them into that very meaningful relationship.

Manuals 2 and 5 are also available in French

It gives teachers a series of overarching principles centering on God’s character, and core lesson ideas that teachers can develop for Bible Time, Prayer Time, Practical Application, and Creation Time (science topics).

This is a discussion approach, not a worksheet approach. If you would like to purchase printed versions please contact bnizza@gmail.com

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A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education, created to speak to the heart of a young child, was first published by YWAM’s University of the Nations. Used for 30 years, this curriculum helps you.

▪ Nurture a young child’s relationship with God
▪ Instill biblical values deeply into a child’s heart
▪ Build an understanding of biblical truth using many illustrations from God’s Word
▪ Create an environment where children are loved and valued

A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education is easy to use. There are clear instructions, and teachers can adapt it to their own classroom and culture. It has been used in preschools, home schools, and Sunday schools. It’s been used by teachers from many nations in classrooms around the world.

A Eight-part Package (Manuals 2 and 5 are also available in French)

Manual 1:
Teacher’s Guide: This is an introductory manual with ideas from teachers all over the world. There are ideas on how to teach, manage a classroom, use a lesson plan, etc. This manual explains WHY we teach WHAT we teach in the lesson plan manuals.
Manual 2:
Knowing God our Father: Twelve teaching units from the time of the Old Testament, featuring the nature and character of our Heavenly Father.
Manual 3:
Knowing Jesus, God With Us: Twenty teaching units demonstrating biblical principles from the life of Jesus.
Manual 4:
Knowing Jesus because of the Holy Spirit: Ten teaching units of biblical principles drawn from the time of the first Christians.
Manual 5:
Disciple Manual: Training in Righteousness functions as a classroom handbook designed to lead children to the Scriptures when having behaviour difficulties.
Music Files:
Produced by Scripture in Song, formerly a division of Integrity Music, I Hide Away Your Word in My Heart contains a Scripture song for each of the 42 teaching units, put to lively, easy-to-learn music. It features Barry McGuire, Evie Karlsson, and a talented children’s choir.
Creation Posters:
Full-color teaching posters: These 12 posters by artist Bryan Pollard dramatically depict God’s creation of the world from the opening chapter of Genesis. This set also includes the script “Long, Long Ago.”
These songbooks provide the notes and lyrics for the songs on “I Hide Away Your Word in My Heart.” These are the songs for each of the 42 teaching units in the curriculum.

img_curriculum_sample_manual5img_curriculum_sample_unit1img_curriculum_sample_teachersPoster sample

42 Units. Each theme, or unit, is based on a biblical principle that is true no matter where we live in the world. It does not change over time.
It has been designed primarily for children ages three, four, five, and six. Some teachers have used the principles outlined in the units to adapt for older children.
The curriculum layout makes it easy to adapt for different situations. Its design of five days’ worth of lessons for each of the 42 units, or themes, can be shortened or extended according to the particular group of children.
No. The same unit can be taught to a 3 year old, a 4 year old, and a 5 year old. So if a child is in your preschool for three years, he may hear lessons from units three times. But at this stage of his life, the repetition only serves to reinforce the principles and add confidence to his learning.
You probably won’t get through all of them in a year. So the second year you teach, you can pick some new units that were missed the previous year. The curriculum is intended to give you more than what you might be able to use.

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Copyright ©1996 University of the Nations, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced (other than by the terms listed below with the exception of the specified chapter of Reproducible Materials), transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form by any means without the written permission of the College of Education, University of the Nations, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740 USA.

With the purchase of each package, you may make as many copies as needed for those participating in your program up to the number of copies in the purchase price selected.
Purchasing a manual does not give you permission to sell or distribute the materials to others outside of your immediate program.

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Executive Editor: Carol Boyd – International Dean of the College of Education University of the Nations, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Editor and Project Manager: Barbara Nizza – Faculty, College of Education, University of the Nations, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Project Advisors: David Boyd, Chancellor, University of the Nations, Kona campus.
Puanana Haug, former Director of Early Childhood Education, U of N, Kona campus.

Editorial Consultants: Shirley Walston, USA Sandy Tompkins, USA . Linda Black, USA.

Design Concept: Albrecht Fietz, Germany. Jeff Kobelt, USA.

Graphic Layout: Jeff Kobelt, USA. Linda McCarthy, USA Belinda Martinez, Columbia Vance Warwick, USA.

Technical Consultants: John Darnall, USA. Cameron Thorpe, USA. Allan and Glynnis Carrington, Australia. Terry and April Hill, Australia & USA.

Music Layout: Laura Nelson, USA.

Illustrator: Vance Warwick, USA.

Photographers: Youth With A Mission workers and friends worldwide.

Cover: Photo – Glen Dohie, Canada. Design – Jeff Kobelt, USA.


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