Entering God’s Presence Bible Curriculum


pdf-downGod speaks strongly of His desire for children to encounter Him in their daily lives, in the classroom and at home. He wants them to increase in love for Him, not just learn about Him. The Foundational Bible Curriculum is a three-year cycle of God-centered themes, with lesson materials at three different levels. A student may encounter “God as Father” or “God the One Who Speaks” in their first, fourth and seventh years at school, but each time there will be different lesson ideas appropriate for their level. In this way it can be used throughout an entire school (or family!).

Meditation/memory verses, Bible passages and Bible stories are suggested for each topic. Materials are provided for the teacher to study and apply to their own lives, so they are speaking to the students from their own hearts, not only following a lesson plan.
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God has spoken clearly about His desire for us as teachers and parents to bring children into His presence, not just teach about him; the title “ Into God’s Presence” is intended to form a constant reminder of this.

This Foundational Bible curriculum focusses on nouns, adjectives and verbs that the Bible uses to describe God – his “Roles and Titles (Names)”, his “Nature and Character”, “His Works and Ways”.  There are 21 two-week themes for each of the three years in the cycle.

The full three year cycle is for Lower Grades (Ages 6-8), Middle Grades (Ages 9-11), and Upper Grades (Ages 12-14). Upper Grades lessons can be adapted for older students. Thematic units are intended to be a foundation for other areas of schooling, flowing through Science, Art, Writing etc. A longer term goal is to add integration ideas for each theme.

For each two week theme there are the following:
• Teacher/Parent Meditation
• Lesson ideas and activities
• Wall size memory verses
• Student size memory verses

The curriculum is a work in progress, still undergoing development.  If you are interested in other years and class levels, or would like to be a part of writing these materials, please make contact through this website.