PreSchool in a Suitcase


pdf-downBiblical Curriculum for Young Children is a simplified version of the full ' A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education' curriculum.

Teacher Training Handbook is a workbook that is used during the Preschool in a Suitcase workshop. It has many helpful ideas teachers can use apart from the workshop.

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The Teacher Training Handbook was created by dozens of educators, working together to provide a simple framework for what should be included in Christian education. The four main topics covered are The Teacher, The Child, The Environment and the Biblical Curriculum. In the Appendices at the end there are several helpful projects, resources, and a checklist for packing a “Preschool in a Suitcase.

Biblical Curriculum for Young Children provides weekly units that take children through the key stories in God’s special book. There are 42 weeks of themes and lessons that bring simple ideas and examples that can become life changing, as children practice walking in God’s ways.

The program was begun in this way: “…Our concern was the number of teachers who would never benefit from any teachers training because of financial and visa challenges. The vision came one day in a prayer time of a preschool packed into a suitcase where a team of teachers would bring the training into these more remote places. These lesson plans are those collected from different teachers and nations…”