Training in Righteousness


pdf-downTraining in Righteousness is a short, practical handbook to guide teachers in how to respond to a student who is making poor choices with their behavior. This booklet is part of the “Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education” curriculum packet, but is also helpful on its own.

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Training in Righteousness is the fifth manual contained in the Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education series. First published by YWAM’s University of the Nations 30 years ago.

Manual 5:
Disciple Manual: Training in Righteousness functions as a classroom handbook designed to lead children to the Scriptures when having behaviour difficulties.


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Executive Editor: Carol Boyd – International Dean of the College of Education University of the Nations, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Editor and Project Manager: Barbara Nizza – Faculty, College of Education, University of the Nations, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Project Advisors: David Boyd, Chancellor, University of the Nations, Kona campus.
Puanana Haug, former Director of Early Childhood Education, U of N, Kona campus.

Editorial Consultants: Shirley Walston, USA Sandy Tompkins, USA . Linda Black, USA.

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Music Layout: Laura Nelson, USA.

Illustrator: Vance Warwick, USA.

Photographers: Youth With A Mission workers and friends worldwide.

Cover: Photo – Glen Dohie, Canada. Design – Jeff Kobelt, USA.


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