The Well Series


pdf-downThe Well Series is 4 booklets that are designed to assist a teacher better understand the processes and techniques of teaching and learning.

Learning Well – A Teachers Guide to Processing That Produces Learning.
Teaching Well – A Speaker’s Guide to Teaching That Produces Learning.
Starting Well – A Teacher’s Guide to Sowing Seeds into Prepared Ground.
Thinking Well – A Trainer’s Toolbox for Encouraging Deeper Thinking

Written by Rosalie Pedder this resource is made available for free


Thinking Well gives you a smorgasbord of activities and some teaching to promote a greater range of thinking skills in your students through varied question types, understanding the levels of thinking ,and knowing some of the language of critical and creative thinking.

Starting Well offers some valuable teaching on issues that can seriously affect how well students can learn. Some of the hindrances are heart issues which come out of our learning histories. Some involve the degree of influence we are prepared to allow the Lord to have in our classrooms. Some are about our own efforts to make learning more effective.

Teaching Well contains 208 classroom practices that will enhance your teaching by allowing the students to take part. The suggestions cover ways of presenting information, ways of allowing students to respond to it and ways to encourage them to make it their own.

Learning Well has been created to help fill a need perceived amongst many school staff and teachers for activities designed to process lecture or reading material in small- group situations.

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Rosalie grew up in the south of New Zealand in a Catholic family. She had 13 years of convent schooling in an all-girls school. Later she attended the University of Otago (then Christchurch Teacher’s College) for secondary training and graduated with a Batchelor of Arts Degree.

For 10 years Rosalie taught in New Zealand public schools, with positions as teacher, Head of English Department, Dean of Girls, Supervisor of Year 1 and 2 secondary teachers in my school, and marker of School Certificate national examination in English. She became a Christian in 1972.

She won national recognition as a 2nd year teacher for her approach to teaching and spent the rest of the 10 years trying to explain why it worked. It worked because God was behind it.

M/V Anastasis (Youth With A Mission’s Mercy Ship) came to NZ when she was looking for the next step. She joined for 5 months – in 1983 and stayed 6 years! She then took a post as principal of ICS on board from 1984-1989. It was here that she learned to rethink her material and approach in more specifically Christian concepts.

She taught in the first Universtiy of the Nations (YWAM) School of Elementary Education and was invitied to join the College of Education staff. She was a model of a new way of teaching and did the following:

1. Training Consultant (University of the Nations)
2. Pioneer/Leader of Master’s Degree level Biblical Foundations of Education
3. Developer/Director of International Equivalency Institute (U of N)
4. Pioneer/Developer of Creative Integration Records for processing learning.
5. Director of Equivalency School for U of N.
6. Redesigned Equivalency School as Learning Restoration Course 1997 in NZ.

Rosalie died on 17 June 2004
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You may make as many copies to give away as you like. Not for Resale!


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